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Deadline to enter the 2017 LMTA Composition Competition is September 15, 2018.


LMTA Composition Competition 2017 Results

ELEMENTARY I (Grades 1-4)

1st Place: "Moonlight Mystery" by Bhuvana Danivas (Ellene Owens)
2nd Place: "Milkshake Madness" by Liam O'Quinn (Ellene Owens)

Honorable Mention: "The Mansion" by Eli Preuett (Ellene Owens)

ELEMENTARY II (Grades 5-6)

1st Place: "Bailarin Misterioso" by Riley Deaton (Ellene Owens)

2nd Place: "A Peaceful Garden" by Anjana Danivas (Ellene Owens)

Honorable Mention: "Pirate's Cove" by Emlee Yonga (Ellene Owens)



1st Place: "Dear Old World" by Genevieve Bolen (Ellene Owens)

2nd Place: "Rocky Mountain Stream" by Abby Marlowe (Ellene Owens)

Honorable Mention: "Wedding Dance" by Josephine Olagues (Ellene Owens)



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